10 June 2010

Anticipated Departures

The curious predicament of buying plane tickets to foreign countries may be a failed attempt at leaving the pale or a sign that one is leaving the pale.  Many who suffer from the ennui of the pale mistakenly plan trips to third world countries, attempting to venture beyond.

For such a trip to indeed facilitate the leaving of the pale, certain confounding variables are required to energize the voyage.

Questioning one's own motivation regarding this type of travel plans is necessary when determining whether the action is reckless.  Another question one should ask herself  is whether she is beyond the pale already.

Potential confounding variables include: Mid-Life Crisis, Love, Premenstrual Syndrome, and Secret Death Wishes and role of child in dysfunctional family.  A trip to a third world country may send a Hero or Clown spiraling beyond the pale, while a Scapegoat may feel only a bit uncomfortable.  Traveling to third world countries often falls under Failed Attempts at Leaving the Pale for Scapegoats. Chances are, Lost Child will already be wandering beyond the pale in one sense or another, and disembarking an aeroplane, ship or bus in a foreign country will not introduce a confounding variable.

The line is so thin.

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