About Lost Child

The Lost Child 


The Lost Child left the safety of the pale long ago in search of a not quite real rabbit and never returned.  She spent the early years within the confines of the pale escaping by daydreaming of catastrophic situations.  Highly superstitious, frozen in time and drawn to dysfunction in life, her talents include astral projection, carrying mirrors with extreme caution, and tiptoeing around landmines.  

She avoids intimacy with humans but is always accompanied by at least one pet and often a panic of rabbits.  Her attraction to trinkets, hula hoops, and the accordion distract her from secret death wishes.  

If The Hero leaves the pale to retrieve her, The Lost Child hides in the labyrinths beyond the pale. Constant confounding variables ingrained in the lost child’s psyche motivate her to wander beyond the pale for most of her childhood and adult life. 
The rabbit is still missing.  She is still looking.