01 August 2010

Chains of The Pale

Dear Reader,

At this juncture in the journey beyond the pale, this researcher considers it paramount to distinguish between failed attempts at leaving the pale and the dire situation one may experience when realizing she has been trapped within the confines of the pale.  This bondage often results in a most unfortunate paralysis; the individual becomes so indoctrinated to the customs of the pale that she makes no attempts to leave the pale.

When Lost Child attempts to fulfill role of Hero by trying to rescue  those whose problems exist solely within the pale and who have no desire to ever leave said pale, she finds herself walled off from any areas beyond the pale.  The amount of time Lost Child remains in the pale attempting to successfully live up to the role of Hero is directly proportionate to the likelihood that Lost Child will lose her mind.

Such asylums as the one with blue walls featured below have been known to house lost children who, having attempted to act heroically, fractured.

It is panic of rabbits' immediate goal to document and explore the confounding variables as they pertain to Lost Child’s attempt at adapting role of Hero and subsequent maddening experience within the pale.  At this time, perhaps if the real Hero were to step forth, Lost Child could slip away undetected, but as long as she remains alone with parental figures, she searches vainly for trap doors. See also: matricide, kin, misdiagnosed personality disorder.


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