07 July 2011

Individual Protective Devices and Animals

Obtaining a weapon is crucial upon leaving the pale. Threat include being thrown in dungeon or drain, or being whipped by vagrants. Potential devices include slings, staff slings, half a brick, old parking meters, bones, tinfoil, trebuchet, poison, picks for carving spyholes in walls (especially those of labyrinths), grappling hooks, bamboo pipes to use as snorkels, flying blenders, flares, spears, atom bombs, shields. In the absence of such obvious weapons, a stick or piece of yard waste should be easy to obtain.

Fylgja (animal souls) protect their human counter parts in the absence of individual protective devices, but it is important to recognize that these animal souls are hardly invulnerable (see also: Notes on Lost Children, Vulnerabilities, and Pets). 

Animals, the most loyal companions will never be discouraged if their owner is forced to don an individual protective device that doubles as a disguise.

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